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The photos below show the finish with the protective film removed. Pictures of the panel sets appear dull because the protective film is still applied.

All of our material has a deep high gloss finish. All engraving is protected by a layer of clear acrylic so there is no fading, chipping, or dirt that can affect the engraved areas.

Black Stardust: All of the "Stardust" colors have a metal flake type appearance. It is subtle but will sparkle under the right light. This color looks great as a replacement for plain black panels. We do not carry any plain black material.

Brown Stardust: Medium dark brown. The stardust flake makes the color look lighter under the right lighting conditions. Excellent contrast with white engraving

Gold Stardust: Light gold color, similar shade to a maple wood. The stardust flake will sparkle under the right light. Good with black or white engraving, but white will have better contrast

Silver Stardust: This silver has a darker appearance when viewed from the side, almost like a pewter color. The right light makes it sparkle and turns the color to a brighter silver

Teal Stardust: Light green color with the stardust flake. Good contrast with white or black engraving

Aqua Stardust: Really more of a light blue or sky blue. Really nice transition when in the right light. The flake pops on this color. Good results with black or white engraving

Copper Stardust: More like a light gold color with the stardust flake. This is a nice conservative color that works with white or black engraving

Champagne: Nice smooth color with ultrafine metal flake look. It is a perfect 2008 Cadillac match

Light Silver: Nice silver with a very fine metal type flake. Good replacement for original Wellcraft panels if you are looking for the same look. Black engraving only, white will not show up well.

Cherry Burl: This is our custom developed color to match 2002 and newer Sea Ray models. It is a deep cherry with black burl swirls. White engraving is high contrast. This color looks great in replacing any of the dark burls found on Wellcraft, Regal, Monterey, etc.

Timber Burl: Light teak color, mixed wood grains

Carbon Fiber: NEW! - great looking Carbon Fiber pattern under a 1/8" thick layer of clear acrylic. White engraving contrasts nicely and allows for backlighting

High Gloss Black: We refer to this color as "Clear Black" because it is a black color underneath a 1/8" thick layer of clear acrylic.

White Stardust - Great alternative to plain white. This color has a metal flake look like our other Stardust colors. From a distance it looks like plain white, but up close it "Pops" and you can see the depth of the panel. Highly recommended to replace a plain white panel.

White - The color is under a 1/8" thick layer of clear acrylic so any engraving highlights the depth of the panel. This would be considered "Plain White" or "Solid white".

Please note our panels have a flat edge. Most panels will have opaque white backing so backlighting can be used. Some of the larger panels that hold heavy electronics and darker color panels will use a black backing that is more flexible and forgiving when making large cutouts for electronics.

Email us pictures of your panels and we can give you a quote