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When searching for running gear, there are no substitutions. You need the original equipment that was provided on your vessel when it left the manufacturing facility. At FP Marine, we have the knowledge and the resources to provide the right parts the first time. There is no room for mistakes when special ordering custom built parts that in most cases are non-returnable.  We research the parts and have access to the actual build sheet for your particular boat if it becomes necessary.

We also have some surplus, slightly used, and testing products available at deeply discounted prices. Selection varies and the inventory is ever-changing, but we will always give you the option if we have access to a discounted part.

Struts, Rudders, Intake scoops, Rudder shaft supports, Propeller Shaft logs

We have some surplus parts for the 560 Sedan Bridge and a few other larger models, but most of these parts must be special ordered. We are very thorough when researching these parts as there are many different variations even within a single model year. It is always helpful if you can provide a Hull identification #, Engine option, and if possible, the casting number on the part itself when contacting us. Lead time is approximately 3 weeks.

Propeller Shafts

We have a good selection of 2" and 2-1/2" used shafts in many different lengths. We have a limited number of smaller units. Shafting is another area requiring precision. I am sure you have heard many a horror story relating to incorrect shafts. There are many variables and mid-year changes to shafts. There is usually a number stamped in one end of the shaft close to where the taper begins. This number can sometimes be a Sea Ray part number and is helpful to have. It may or may not match the part number in your parts manual. A hull identification number will allow us to access the original bill of materials for your particular boat and determine what shaft was installed when it left the plant. Before placing an order, we typically need to confirm with an exact measurement on your shaft end to end which can only be taken accurately when out of the boat. Digital photos of each end are also required to insure that we provide the correct taper. All used shafts are reconditioned/straightened prior to shipping so you receive a product that is ready to install.


We have a good selection of "test" propellers that are guaranteed accurate to a PropScan class 2 which is typical of a new out of the box propeller. These props have not been bottom painted or reconditioned. We have every propeller scanned before shipping so you receive a product that is ready to install. The Sea Ray parts manuals are fairly accurate regarding propellers, however there are some errors and we like to confirm the size that is actually on the boat. Most new propellers can be ordered in a very short period of time.

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Remember we ship worldwide and can secure very reasonable rates for international airfreight
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